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Ca. 2334-ca. 2279 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /
Other spellings: Lugalzagessi; Lugal-zage-si

Carchemish Mari Larsa Lagash Kish Nippur Isin Akkad Elam

King of Umma, then Sumer, ca. 2355-2330 BCE, 25 years (or 34 years in other king lists). He became the last king of Sumer.
All dating for his reign is uncertain. Differences between chronologies go up to 100 years: f.x. Encylopaedia Britannica sets the start of his reign to to 2375 BCE, Wikipedia to 2296 BCE. LookLex's dating is based upon adjusting data for several rulers, but is also no more than an estimation.
From his small kingdom of Umma, he went on to conquer all of Sumer, with the exception of Larak. He led a military expedition as far as the Mediterranean Sea, but without making the far away lands part of his kingdom.
He relocated his capital from Umma to Uruk, thereby claiming kingship of all of Sumer.

Ca. 2355: Becomes holy king of Umma.
Ca. 2354: Conquers first Lagash and Kish.
Ca. 2352: Conquers Ur, Uruk, Nippur and Larsa, and makes Uruk his new capital.
Ca. 2350: Lugalzagesi conquers Akshak.
2340's?: Leads a military campaign into Syria, all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. No conquests were made, only booty collected.
Ca. 2330: Is defeated by Sargon of Akkad ca. 2330 BCE, who has the walls of Uruk torn down. Lugalzagesi is then led in neck-stock to Enlil's temple in Nippur.

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