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Persian: Lor
Other spellings: Lur, Lorish

Indo-European Iranian language (Southwestern), spoken by about 4.15 million (2009 estimate); both Lors and Bakhtiaris. It is often classified as close to Kurdish, but comes at least as close to Persian.
Lori language is very much alive, and used in all aspects of life. There is, however, no writing system for it.
There are 4 groups of Lori language.

Northern Lori
Northern Lori is spoken by 1.8 million, located mainly to central and southern Lorestan province. It comes close to Western Persian and Laki, as well as to Bakhtiari (dialect of Lori, see below).

Bakhtiari is spoken by 1.25 million of the Bakhtiari people, covering a larger area in southwestern Iran. Bakhtiari is in a middle position between Northern and Souther Lori. Attempts have been made to write Bakhtiari with Arabic script (with the Persian additions).

Southern Lori
Southern Lori is spoken på 1.1 million and is in a middle position between Bakhtiari dialect and Western Persian.

The fourth type of Lori is known as Kumzari, and spoken only on Musandam, Oman, by around 2,000 people.

By Tore Kjeilen