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Byzantine Empire /
Leo 5
Byname : Leo the Armenian

(775-820) Byzantine emperor 813-820.
Leo was apparently an able but manipulative and unpredictable leader. He distinguished himself primarily in military matters.
Leo reintroduced an Iconoclastic policy, he deposed the Patriarch Nicephorus and convoked a synod at Constantinople to create support for his line.
His motifs for the Iconoclast line may have been more than religious, as the state seized properties of pro-Icon institutions and individuals.

775: Born in Armenia as son of the patrician Bardas.
803: Aids Bardanes Turcus in his fight against Emperor Nicephorus 1, but soon changes his allegiance. He serves as a general under Nicephorus.
Late 800's: Is exiled after marrying the daughter of an opponent of the emperor.
811: When Michael 1 Rangabe becomes emperor, is Leo appointed governor of the Anatolic theme
812: Wins important battles against the Abbasids.
813: June 22: After Michael loses most of his supporters, Leo moves in and has him deposed, then appoints himself emperor.
— Bulgarian invasion by Khan Krum has reached the walls of Constantinople. Leo manages to drive them back.
814: Krum dies, and Leo defeats the Bulgarians at Mesembria (modern Nesebar, Bulgaria).
815: Concludes a treaty with new Bulgarian khan, Omortag, in which the border between the countries is drawn. This resulted in a 30 year long peace.
815 March: Deposes the Orthodox patriarch Nicephorus.
April: Convokes a synod that reimposes iconoclast decrees.
820 December 24: Condemns Michael the Amorian to death for treason.
December 25: Is assassinated in Constantinople by allies of Michael the Amorian, while praying in the Hagia Sophia. Immediately, Michael has himself proclaimed new emperor.

By Tore Kjeilen