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Other spelling: Leki; Alaki

Indo-European Iranian language (Western), spoken by around 1.3 million, mainly by Laks living in the Zagros Mountains.
Its history and structure places it in a middle position between the northwestern and southwestern Iranian languages. There is again a question about definitions, some makes Laki a Kurdish language, others independent of this. There are definitely many similarities with Kurdish, but so are there many similarities with other Iranian languages too, like Persian, Zazaki, Gorani and Lori.
Laki is to some extent a written language, dictionaries have been published, and Laki poetry is the most popular form of literature.
It is mainly used colloquially, around 15% Laki speakers know no other language, mainly being the older generations. Most Laki speakers also know Lori (Western) and Persian (Western), their school and professional languages.

By Tore Kjeilen