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Correct: Kizil river

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Kizilirmak, Turkey.
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River of north-central Turkey, 1,150 km long, emptying into the Black Sea. It is only second to Euphrates among all rivers of Turkey.
Transcribing into English, "Kizil river" would be correct, "irmak" is Turkish for river". The name means "Red river". In Greek times it was known as Halys river.
There is no major navigation on the river. There are only a few major cities along the river: Kirikkale with 210,000 inhabitants; Sivas with 250,000 inhabitants.
The total fall of the river is about 2,000 metres. The defined source of the river contributes very little of the total water, small and large tributaries count for almost everything. The main tributaries are Delice, Devrez and Gök rivers.
The river has formed the border between several peoples and kingdoms. It largely formed the boundaries of the Hittite Empire (located east and south of the river). For long it was also the border between Lycia and Media.

By Tore Kjeilen