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Persian: khomeynishahr
Other spelling: Khomeinishahr

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Khomeynishahr, Iran

From the university campus.

City in the central interior of Iran with about 220,000 inhabtants (2005 estimate), in the Esfahan province.
Khomeynishahr is today mainly a part of the metropolitan area of Esfahan, there is no clear demarcation between the two cities. It is often referred to as merely a suburb of Esfahan.
Khomeynishahr is dominated by three castles, and consists of three quarters which have emerged from three original, seperate villages.
Locals call their city Sedeh, which is its original name.
There is a university, the Islamic Azad University of Khomeinyshahr.

Originally known as Sedeh.
1930's: Name is changed to Homayunshahr, a name honouring Reza Shah Pahlavi.
1979: Following the Iranian Revolution, the city is renamed Khomeynishahr, honouring Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

By Tore Kjeilen