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Khabur river
Arabic: 'al-khābūr

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Khabur river

Khabur river, Syria.
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River of with its source in Turkey, passing most of its length in Syria, a total of 320 km, before emptying into the Euphrates river.
There are two main sources for the river, the mountains in Turkey and the springs of Ras al-Ayn, right across the border to Syria.
The river valley is highly dependent of the river, some regions receiving as little as 200 mm of annual rainfall. The Khabur has several important tributaries, among which the Jaghjagh river is the largest.
The river has allowed important settlements deep back in ancient times, being the home of Nagar and Urkesh. The 2nd millennium BCE kingdom of Mitanni largely had Khabur as its heartland.
In modern times, several dams and canals have been built, aiding agriculture. Wheat is the main product here. The largest city along the river is Hassake with about 160,000 inhabitants, whereas Qamishli on the Jaghjagh tributary is larger with its 200,000.
The end point is that town of Busayra, where the Khabur pours its water into the Euphrates.

By Tore Kjeilen