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Juba 1
Other spelling: Iuba

Bust of Juba 1. Louvre museum, Paris, France
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(Ca. 85-46 BCE) King of Numidia, ca. 60-46, altogether ca. 14 years. There is substantial uncertainty what actual year he became ruler.
With the war between the Roman senate and Julius Caesar, Juba sided with the senate and attempted to install himself as ruler over a grand North African kingdom. Within few years, he was defeated by Caesar, and with his death, the kingdom of Numidia is ended until his son, Juba 2 becomes new king 17 years later.

Ca. 85 BCE: Born as son of King Hiempsal 2.
Between 63 and 50: Succeeds his father as king.
49: Supports Pompey in the war against Julius Caesar. Juba has a Roman army defeated and makes a claim on being the coming ruler over all of North Africa.
46: Juba is defeated by an army led by Caesar himself at Thapsus. Without any hope of escape, Juba commits suicide.

By Tore Kjeilen