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Byzantine Empire /
Full name: Flavius Claudius Iovianus

(Ca. 332-364) Roman Emperor 363-364, ruling less than 8 months before dying. He is listed as the 4th ruler of the Byzantine Empire.
Due to his short reign, on the road to Constantinople, he only managed to carry through a few reforms. Most important was the reversal of reforms from the reign of Julian; he reversed religious freedoms for non-Christian faiths, and closed cult centres. He reintroduced special benefits for the Christian church.

Ca. 332: Born in Singidunum, as son of an unnamed officer.
363 March: Is part of the campaign against Sassanid Persia, serving as commander of the imperial bodyguard.
June 26: Emperor Julian dies near Ctesiphon, Mesopotamia, from war injury. Jovian uses his central position to have himself proclaimed emperor.
— Makes peace with the Persians, guaranteeing them all territory east of the Tigris River. Many of society's elite would consider Jovian's concessions treason.
364 February 17: Dies in Dadastana, Bithynia, possibly from poisoning. His rule over the eastern part of the empire would pass to Valens.

By Tore Kjeilen