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Open map of Saudi ArabiaFlag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia / Cities and Towns /
Also called: Jazan; Gizan; Gazan
Arabic: jīzān

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Jizan Economic City

The projected Jizan Economic City.

City in south-western Saudi Arabia with 120,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of the Jizan region with 1.3 million inhabitants and an area of 11,700 km².
The Jizan region shares much of its borders with Yemen, and faces the Red Sea.
The hinterland of Jizan varies dramatically between barren mountains and fertile pockets with rich agriculture. The region specializes in tropical fruits like mango, figs and papaya. Summers in Jizan can be extremely hot with high humidity, while winters are pleasant.
Jizan itself is far from a tourist destination, the only sight in town is the old suq and an Ottoman fort.
Jizan is well-connected with other urban centres of Saudi Arabia by higHways, Abha is 200 km north, border to Yemen is 60 km southeast. There is also a domestic airport 5 km from city centre.
The population of Jizan is among the most mixed in the country, with several African groups, especially Somalis and Eritreans, together with more original Arabs. The original language of Jizan is the Sanaani dialect of Arabic, but extensive immigration from the rest of the country has made Najdi Arabic a substantial minority.

2006 November: Plans for the Jizan Economic City are represented, planned to be realized over a period of 30 years.

By Tore Kjeilen