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Persian: jīruft

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Jiroft, Iran

Finds of the Jiroft civilization.

City in southeastern Iran with 135,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), in Kerman province, at an elevation of 650 metres.
The region of Jiroft is very fertile, although the river the transverses the city is only seasonal. The climate is very hot in summer, often being the hottest place in Iran, while winters are moderate.
The former name was Sabzevaran, but it is also called Little India, Hend-e Kochak.
Excavations have unearthed an impressive ancient city, proving that there were rich civilizations in this part of Iran in ancient times.

Ancient Jiroft
Jiroft has since 2001 been undergoing thorough excavations, and it has been proposed that it is the site of cultures dating back to late 3rd millennium BCE. Several sites in the region have been identified.
One often proposed theory is that the cultures here developed independently from other centres at the time, the Elamite to the west (also Iran) and Indus Valley (now Pakistan). There are, however, many objections to this theory.
Among what makes Jiroft very interesting is that it is one of the most artifact-rich archaeological sites in the Middle East.

By Tore Kjeilen