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Christianity / Apocryphal gospels /
Infancy Gospel of James
Also called: Protevangelion of James

Full text in translationFull text in translation

In Christianity, apocryphal gospel dating most likely back to the 2nd century CE.
Although this text never became part of the New Testament, it has been of great importance in the development of church practice, especially with Eastern churches. There are even churches in Rome that have had the decoration shaped after its stories.

The alleged author of this script, is James, the brother of Jesus.

This gospel relates much to the time prior to the birth of Jesus. To a large extent, the content of this gospel resembles that of the infant parts of Luke and Matthew, still there are elements unique James.
James tells about the parents of Virgin Mary, Joachim and Anna. Anna becomes pregnant by a miracle of God, and as is the case with Jesus, Mary is conceived without sexual intercourse between her parents. Moreover, Mary spends most of her childhood in the Temple of Jerusalem. All this to increase the miracle of Jesus, as well as promoting Mary herself.
Mary moves in with Joseph, but not as his wife, but as a virgin in his house. Joseph is a widower with several sons. Mary becomes pregnant, and both she and Joseph must drink poison to prove their innocence. With this, James deviates from Luke by not calling Joseph the father of Jesus.

By Tore Kjeilen