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Jabal Druze State

Flag of Jabal Druze State.

In deepest south of Syria, state under French control 1921-1936, 15 years, as defined by the League of Nations.
The state was largely defined to the homeland of the Syrian Druze population, an Arab people defined by their religion, the Druze religion. The Druze formed a clear majority here. The total population was about 50,000, and the administrative centre was Suweida.
Jabal Druze State means Druze Mountain State, named after the 1,803 metre high mountain in its centre. For its first five years it was named Suweida State, after the one sizeable town in the region.

1918: With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, France takes control of the lands of Lebanon and Syria.
1921 May 1: The state is formed.
1922 March 4: The official proclamation of the state under the name Suweida State.
1927: Renamed Jabal Druze State.
1936: Included into the Republic of Syria.

By Tore Kjeilen