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Also called: Madinat Isa; Isa Town
Arabic: madīna ¢īsā

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Town in northern Bahrain with 40,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), in the Central Governorate. The name is from Isa, ruler of Bahrain 1961-1999. Although the official name is Isa Town, it is commonly referred to only as Isa.
Isa is very much a suburb to Manama, 8 km northeast, inhabited mainly by the middle class. Large part of the population here are Persians, and Persian is widely spoken in town.
Isa has most of the private schools of Bahrain, including schools for expatriates. Isa has some important national institutions, like the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Information and the Bahrain Radio & TV broadcasting station.
There is a very popular traditional suq in Isa.

By Tore Kjeilen