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Other languages

By country
Figures in 1000.
% of country population.
420 38.0%
6 0.1%
380 14.0%
200 3.2%
440 13.0%
220 27.0%
Saudi Arabia
1,950 7.8%
United Arab Emirates
1,300 27.0%
450 1.9%
5,370 1.1%

Total calculated to the MENA, with 490 million inhabitants.

This category includes mostly foreign workers to oil rich countries, and it is a category of much uncertainty. Reporting methods vary immensely between the different countries, and the figures give in the column are very rough estimates. The figures are calculated from the far too simple principle that the category of "other" contains all those unaccounted for.
In many cases, the "other" group may in some country cases included groups that would have been classified with other groups; this is very much the case of Indo-European languages.
All these languages follow the same pattern of influence: The foreign workers will never be given citizenship, and they are expected to return to their home countries after finishing their work contracts. They have little influence on the societies, usually forming closed communities, and communicating with others in Arabic or English.
The languages here are mainly Asian, but also with different African languages and even European languages. European languages is categorized by itself. The main languages are of India, the Philippines and Pakistan.

By Tore Kjeilen