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Mesopotamia / Religions / Gods and goddesses /
Sumerian: Dinanna
Akkadian: Dinana

In Sumerian religion, goddess of sexual love, fertility and war. With these qualities, she caused confusion and chaos, often with intention and usually in an unpredictable manner.
Her symbols were either the 8-pointed star, or a rosette. She was often represented together with lions, symbolizing her power. She represents the planet Venus.
Her name signifies "Queen of Heaven", its original form is Nin-anna. There were many variations to her name: Innin, Ennin, Ninnin, Ninni, Ninanna, Ninnar, Innina, Ennina, Irnina, Innini, Nana and Nin.
There are at least three mythological accounts to who is her father, it can be either Nanna, An or Enlil. As Nanna's daughter, she is sister of the sun god Utu and the rain god Ishkur.
Her oldest cult centre was Uruk, the temple was known House of Heaven. Shrines and temples were built all across Sumer, in particular along the rivers Tigris and Euphrates.
During the New Year ceremony, the high priestess of her temple entered a sacred marriage with a young man, who represents the god, Dumuzi.

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