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Ancient Egypt /
1. Introduction
2. Gods
3. Concepts
4. Cult
5. Cult centres
6. Necropolises
7. Structures

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Horus. From the Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt.
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Horus. From the Temple of Hatshepsut, Luxor, Egypt

In ancient Egyptian religion, God with his powers devoted to the sky, light and goodness.
Horus' other names were Hor or Har. From the prefix "Hat-," many other divine names were created for local variations on Horus: Harmakhis, Harpekhrad, Harsiesis, Harekhte, Haroeris.
Horus was depicted as a falcon, his left eye being the moon, and the right, the sun.
Early in Egypt's history, the king was thought to be a manifestation of Horus.
From around 2500 BCE Horus and Seth were presented as perpetual antagonists, who ended up reconciling as a symbol of the harmony between Upper (Southern) and Lower (Northern) Egypt.
In the myth of Osiris, Horus was presented as his and Isis' son, as well as the opponent of Seth. In this myth, Horus had to defeat Seth to become king of Egypt.

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