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From French: Haut Conseil de sÚcuritÚ
In English: High State Committee

The temporary body that governed Algeria from January 12, 1992 until the end of 1993.
HCE was established after the elections of 1991, when FIS was close to winning. HCE was made up of 5 members, who in 1992 were: Khalid Nezzar, Ali Kafi, Ali Haroun, Tijani Heddam (the religious leader of the Great Mosque in Paris) and its chairman, Muhammad Boudiaf.
At first, HCE declared that they should govern Algeria until Chadly's presidential term was over, towards the end of 1993.
On June 29, 1993, Chairman Boudiaf was shot in Annaba while giving a lecture, by one of his security guards. Ali Kafi succeeded him as chairman.
When the mandate of HCE ran out in 1993, Liamine Zeroual became president, and assumed HCE governing authority for himself.

By Tore Kjeilen