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Ofra Haza
Hebrew: 'ofrah hazah

Ofra Haza.
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Ofra Haza.

Music examples
Chai (1983)
Im Nin' Alu (Original version, 1984)
Im Nin' Alu (Remix version, 1988)
Notable studio albums
Al Ahavot Shelanu 1980
Chai 1983
Yemenite Songs 1984
Shaday 1988

Ofra Haza.
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(1957-2000) Israeli, Jewish singer and actress.
Central to her music was her family's origins in Yemen, from where she used the musical heritage to launch a career that would become international. Her career heigh was in 1988, with the remixed traditional tune Im Nin' Alu.
Ofra Haza cooperated with a number of important international musicians, like Iggy Pop and Paula Abdul.
She was married to Doron Ashkenazi and had no children.

1957: Born in Hatikvah, a poor suburb of Tel Aviv.
1980: Releases her first album, Al Ahavot Shelanu.
1983: Participates in the Eurovision Song Contest, coming in second with the song Chai. The song and its album would become a great success.
1988: With the remixed version of the Yemenite Im Nin' Alu, Ofra Haza has her international breakthrough. The song was no. 1 in West-Germany for 9 weeks.
2000: Dies of complications from AIDS.

By Tore Kjeilen