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Ibrahim Hamdi
Arabic: 'ibrāhīm muhammad 'al-hamdiyy

Ibrahim Hamdi

Ibrahim Hamdi.

(1943-1977) President of North Yemen 1974-1977.
Among Hamdi's most important reforms was the replacement of many of the 3,000 army officers and illiterate tribal chiefs with young and educated military.
Hamdi moved North Yemen away from Saudi Arabia, and introduced reforms that made him unpopular among tribal chiefs. He managed to improve relations with South Yemen and the Soviet Union.


1943: Born into a Zaydi family, but of a Sunni mother.
1962: Joins the republican side in the North Yemen Civil War.
1971: Hamdi is appointed Deputy Premier and Minister of Interior.
1974: Hamdi stages a bloodless coup against the ruling members of the Republican Council. Hamdi dissolves the Constituent People's Assembly, and creates the Military Command Council, with himself as leader. Hence he is the leader of North Yemen.
1977 July: A tribal rebellion in Saada and Khamur is struck down by Hamdi's forces.
August: Hamdi agrees with the president of South Yemen that their 2 countries should be unified within 4 years.
October: Two days before leaving for South Yemen to sign a mutual defence pact, Hamdi is assassinated. It is widely assumed that Saudi-supported activists are behind the killing.

By Tore Kjeilen