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Open map of BahrainFlag of BahrainBahrain / Cities and Towns
Other spellings: Medinat Hamad; Hammad
Arabic: madīna hammād

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Town in Bahrain with 60,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), capital of the Northern Governorate with 175,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate) and an area of 130 km². It is named after the present king of Bahrain, Hamad.
Hamad is by all means a residential town, most inhabitants work in Manama, 18 km northeast. A local centre has been established, with shops and important services. Hamad is well-connected to other urban centres and less than 10 km from the causeway to Saudi Arabia. Near Hamad lies the Bahrain International Circuit, the largest Formula One circuit in the Middle East.

1984: Established as a housing town, giving homes to the many who could not afford the increasing house prices in established centres of Bahrain.

By Tore Kjeilen