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Indo-European Iranian language (Northwestern), spoken by about 3.8 million. Gilaki is linked to the Gilaki people and the region of Gilani in the north of Iran, west of the Alborz Mountains and on the Caspian Sea.
There are three main dialects: Eastern Gilaki; Western Gilaki and Galeshi.
Gilaki is closely related to other Iranian languages: Persian, Mazandarani and Talysh, spoken by neighbouring peoples, as well as Zazaki spoken in Turkey. Galaki and Mazandarani shares the same vocabulary.
Gilaki is by some scholars classified as a Persian dialect. The Persian dialect of Semnani represents a transition between the two.
Attempts were made to form a written language for Gilaki in the 1940's, but the project was soon abandoned.

By Tore Kjeilen