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Ahmad Hussein Ghashmi
Arabic: 'ahmad husayn 'al-ghashmiyy

Ahmad Hussein Ghashmi

Ahmad Hussein Ghashmi.

(1938-1978) President of North Yemen 1977-1978.
Ghashmi served only 8 months, hence he wasn't able to achieve much. He was known to be pro-Saudi, and this was part of the reason for his being assassinated by a South Yemeni.


1938: Born in Hamada in a clan of the Hashid tribal confederation.
Around 1960: Trained as an officer at the Baghdad Military Academy.
1962: Joins the republicans in the North Yemen Civil War.
1974: Following the coup in which Ibrahim Hamdi takes power, Ghashmi is appointed deputy chief of staff and member of the Military Command Council.
1977 October: President Hamdi is assassinated, and Ghashmi becomes chairman of the Military Command Council, and commander-in-chief.
— Ghashmi revives the Constituent People's Assembly disbanded by Hamdi, and begins positive relationships with important tribal leaders.
1978 March: Disbands the Military Command Council in an effort to disenfranchise Hamdi's old partners.
April: Establishes a Presidential Council, and is formally elected President.
June: Is assassinated by a South Yemen emissary.

By Tore Kjeilen