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Also called: Gruzin, Kartuli

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Georgian alphabet

Georgian alphabet

Georgian writing

Writing in Georgian, using the Georgian alphabet.

Caucasian Kartvelian language native to modern Georgia, also spoken within small communities in Turkey and Iran, altogether 110,000. About 4.3 million speak it across the world.
In Iran, Georgian is spoken in Fereydan and Fereydunshahr provinces. Most Georgians to Iran have assimilated, those still speaking Georgian have converted to Islam. Few use it for writing now.
In Turkey, it is spoken mainly in Artvin, Ordu and Sakarya provinces. Georgians here are called Chveneburi, and are Muslims.
Georgian has a fully developed writing system, and its own alphabet. There have been variations to this, presently the military alphabet is close to fully dominant. It uses about 33 letters,
Among characteristics of Georgian is its long consonant clusters.

By Tore Kjeilen