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Open map of United Arab EmiratesFlag of United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates / Cities and Towns /
Arabic: 'al-fujayra

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Town in the United Arab Emirates with 80,000 inhabitants, capital of the Fujairah Emirate, located on the Gulf of Oman; it is the largest emirati settlement along this coast.
Fujairah is an important port, being the main port not necessitating the entry into the Persian Gulf, it is preferred by many companies. Fujairah is a major import port for sheep and cattle to the entire Arabian peninsula. One of the world's largest desalination plants is also here. Tourism is of importance, Fujairah attracts mainly domestic visitors with its natural setting. The beach is famous for its charcoal sand.
Fujairah has the most dramatic and attractive setting of all of the emirate capitals, with the Hajar mountains rising immediately. The old quarters of Fujairah are in poor condition, but the old fort is undergoing reconstruction.

By Tore Kjeilen