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King Faisal 2
Arabic: faysalu bni ghāzī l-hāshim

King Faisal 2 of Iraq, (1939) 1953-58.
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King Faisal 2.

(1935-1958) King of Iraq (1939) 1953-1958.
Faisal 2 became the last king of Iraq and was the least powerful. This was because he was under the strong influence of his uncle, Abdullah bni Ali, who had been his regent while he was underage.

1935 May 2: Born as the only son of king Ghazi.
1939: King Ghazi dies, and infant Faisal's uncle Abdullah bni Ali becomes regent.
1940s: Educated at Harrow School, Britain.
1953 May 2: Assumes the throne as acting king.
1958 February: Faisal becomes the leader of the newly formed Arab Federation of Iraq and Jordan.
July 14: Killed in the coup staged by republican officers. The coup came about as a protest from soldiers and officers who did not want to intervene against rebels in Lebanon and Jordan.

By Tore Kjeilen