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Ca.2000-1600 BCECa.2000-1600 BCE

Elam /

Of the religion of the peoples of Elam is little known, except from a few names and surviving temples.
Their faith was of a polytheistic nature, the highest god was the earth god, Khumban. Also, it appears that Elamite faith was strongly influenced by Mesopotamian religions.
In the south Khumban was married to the mother-goddess, Kiririsha, who in the north was known as Pinikir. A great temple, built according to ziggurat styles, were erected to her in Chogha Zanbil ca. 1250 BCE.
Another important god was Inshushinak, the protector deity of Susa. Also to him, the religious complex at Chogha Zanbil is dedicated.

By Tore Kjeilen