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Ca. 2600 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /

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King of Lagash, ca. 2600 BCE. Relying upon historical data, he emerges as the first to conquer foreign lands and establishing the first empire in world history.
Being the hereditary of the city state of Lagash, he conquered all of Sumer as well as Elam, the neighbouring lands of Mesopotamia. His conquests came to include the other city-states of Ur, Nippur, Akshak, Larsa, Uruk and Kish, as well as making Umma a vassal state.
His reign is also noted for the building of many temples, in particular to Lagash, and the refounding of Nineveh.
In the remnants available to us, he attributes his victories in war to the god, Ninurta.

By Tore Kjeilen