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Disciples of Jesus
Simon; also called Peter
John (two latter, the sons of Zebedee)
Matthew; also called Levi
James (son of Alphaeus)
Simon the Cananaean, or the Zealot
Thaddaeus; also called Judas, son of James
Judas Iscariot

Lists in Mark 3:16-19, Matthew 10:2-4, and Luke 6: 14-16.

In Christianity, the twelve closest followers of Jesus Christ during his mission on earth, according to the Gospels.
There is often confusion about the distinction between 'disciple' and 'apostle. Mark 6:30 may offer the clearest distinction; the disciples were called apostles when preaching and healing on the command of Jesus. Depending on church traditions, apostle and disciple are used indiscriminately. Adding to the confusion, Luke 6:13 states that Jesus chose his 12 disciples, who also were known as apostles. This encyclopaedia will to the extent possible use 'disciple' for Jesus' followers while he was alive, and 'apostle' for his messengers after his death.
Among the disciples were there were ranks, and the 3 closest to him were Peter, James, and John. The foremost of disciples was, according to the New Testament, Peter.

By Tore Kjeilen