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Christianity / Ecumenical council /
Second Council of Nicaea

In Christianity, 7th ecumenical council held in Nicaea (modern Iznik, Turkey) in 787.
The council was convened by Byzantine Empress Irene and was attended by 350 bishops. Its location to Nicaea was a result of the convened council in Constantinople the year in advance, that had been stopped by demonstrators. Nicaea was chosen for being safe from protesters.
The council validated the veneration of images and sent out an order to restore images in churches throughout the Roman Empire. The conflict over icon worship had begun in 730 by the initiative of Emperor Leo 3. The council did not bring a final end to the conflict, a synod in 815 reimposed iconoclast decrees.
It was 106 years since the closing of the last council (Third of Constantinople), there would be no more ecumenical councils.

By Tore Kjeilen