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Before year 800-1st century BCEBefore year 800-1st century BCE

Dead languages ||| Anatolia / Languages
Carian language

Extinct Indo-European language of the southwestern Anatolia, spoken by the Carians, from before year 800 BCE until the 1st century BCE.
Although Carian most likely was Indo-European, this is a classification that has yet to been proven.
Carian was relatively close to Lycian, and also related to Lydian, the two other dominating Anatolian language of this era.
Among our main sources to Carian is, rather unusually, graffiti found in Egypt during the Saite period (Late Period / 26th Dynasty ||| Sais). Also, inscriptions in Caria has also been found, as well as clay tablets.
Carian writing was in a pure alphabetical.

By Tore Kjeilen