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Berber Spring
Tamazight: Tafsut Imazighen
Also called: Spring of Kabyle

In Algeria, in Kabylia, a popular uprising in 1980 against the politics of Algiers. The focus of the uprising was the conditions for Berber culture and language in Algeria.
For the Kabyles, themselves Muslims, a secular state was the goal. They rejected that all of Algeria belonged to the Arab-Islamic world. Among the Kabyles, religion is not strong force in everyday life. Within the framework of Islam, many pre-Islamic religious elements have survived.
The uprising of the Berber Spring had support from all classes, except the rich elite, those working for the government.

1980 March 10: A speech by Mouloud Mammeri at the Hasnaoua University in Tizi Ouzou is stopped. Students enter the streets in protest, and are quickly joined by others.
April 20: A general strike is staged.

By Tore Kjeilen