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Krim Belkacem
Arabic: karīm bil-qāsim

Krim Belkacem.

Krim Belkacem.

(1922-1970) Algerian revolutionary and politician.
His aim was to promote the rights of the Kabyle Berbers, therefore he opposed the centralization of power in the country. He was one of the most efficient leaders of the armed struggle from the Muslim side.

1922 September 14: Born in Kabylia.
1947: Is central in the formation of the OS, Organisation Speciale, in charge of Kabylia.
— Sentenced to death.
1950: Is again sentenced to death.
1958: Is appointed Minister of Defense, then Foreign Minister in the provisional Muslim government.
1962 March: Is the chief negotiator for Algerian Muslims at Evian.
July: With the establishment of the FLN dominated regime, he joins rank Mohammed Boudiaf, but is soon forced into exile.
1965 June: Following Boumedienne's coup, Belkacem continues to oppose the government.
Late 1960's: Accused of having planned to kill President Boumedienne.
1970 October 18: Is assassinated in a hotel room in Frankfurt, West Germany.
1984 October: Rehabilitated, and buried at the Martyrs' Square in Algiers.

By Tore Kjeilen