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In Ancient Nubian religion, male god with uncertain qualities. He was represented in a human form, wearing a feathered crown.
Arensnuphis originated at MeroŽ, but his first attested cult was at Musawwarat al-Sufra in the 3rd century BCE.
He was defined as son of Sebiumeker, and associated with Shu and Osiris, and would merge into Shu-Arensnuphis.
He is represented with giant statues or reliefs. Together with his father, he is seen protecting the entrance into Cushite temples. Into the temple of Amon at Gebel Barkal, his representation was 10 metres high. He is depicted in the temple of Dendur. At Philae, there was an own temple dedicated to him, which was built in a cooperation between Cushite king, Arqamani, and Egyptian king, Ptolemy 4 Philopator.
Arensnuphis was included into the Egyptian pantheon.

By Tore Kjeilen