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Byzantine Empire /
Full name: Flavius Arcadius

(377-408) Byzantine emperor 395-408, co-emperor 383-395 with his father Theodosius 1.
Becoming emperor at a young age, Arcadius emerged as a weak leader, very much in the hands of his closest advisors. His ministers, first Rufinus, soon followed by Eutropius and eventually Anthemius were the real rulers. His wife, Aelia Eudoxia was forceful and manipulated her husband, using her family's great wealth to influence on politics. Arcadius himself involved himself little in politics, focusing rather on religious matters, devoting himself to pious Christianity.
The empire was more or less continuously in conflict with the Goths in the north through his reign.

377 or 378: Born as son of Emperor Thedosius 1.
383 January: As a 6-year old kid, he is made co-emperor of his father.
395 January 17: Emperor Theodosius 1 dies in Mediolanium (modern Milan, Italy). Arcadius beocmes emperor in the east, and Honorius in the west.
— Rufinus is murdered, possibly by command of western minister, Stilicho. He is succeeded by Etropius.
399: Eutropius is dismissed. Anthemius, the Praetorian Prefect, becomes the new strong leader of the empire.
402: Makes his 1-year old son, Theodosius 2, co-ruler.
404: Aelia Eudoxia has John Chrysostom, the Patriarch of Constantinople deposed.
— Aelia Eudoxia dies.
408 May 1: Dies, and is succeeded by Theodosius 2.

By Tore Kjeilen