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Arab Peace Initiative 2002

Peace proposal of 2002 for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, promoted by all members of the Arab League, headed by Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.
The core of the initiative was to recognize a state of Israel within the borders from before Six-Day War, establishing a Palestinian state on the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and in East Jerusalem. Also this would involve giving back the Golan Heights to Syria. The states of the Arab League would establish normal relations with Israel.

2002 March 28: The initiative is published at the Beirut Summit, receiving a consent from all members of the Arab League.
— Israel first responds positively, yet pointing out that terrorism against civilian targets must be stopped by the Palestinian authorities.
— Shortly after, no more initiatives are promoted, soon leaving the peace proposal dead.
2004 January 30: Information is published about an amendment to the initiative, in which about 2 million Palestinian refugees are resettled in Arab states and in a forthcoming Palestinian state. This would end a long claim on allowing refugees to return to the lands of Israel. Little would emerge from this as well.

By Tore Kjeilen