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Christianity / Orientations / Heresy /

In Christianity, a sectarian doctrine (see heresy) promoting Monophysitism, belonging to the 6th century.
With Aphthartodocetism, the concept and implications of Monophysitism were brought to their extremes. The claimed that the body of Christ was divine, therefore incorruptible and imperishable. Still, Christ had the freedom to chose his sufferings and death, which is also what he did.
The doctrines were launched by Bishop Julian of Halicarnassus (modern Bodrum, Turkey). They were strongly opposed by Patriarch Severus of Antioch, who also was a Monophysite. Their two parties emerged into a schism that would last until the 7th century.
His doctrine found acceptance in the Armenian Church.

Around 520: Bishop Julian promotes the teachings of Aphthartodocetism.
564: Aphthartodocetism is declared a heresy by Byzantine Emperor, Justinian 1.

By Tore Kjeilen