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Byzantine Empire /

(Around 870-913) Byzantine emperor 912-913, slightly more than a year.
Alexander appears to have been a poor leader, involved in conspiracies. This may well have been a natural reflection of him having a poor power base. Rumours said that he intended to castrate his main opponent for the throne, Constantine 7, who was only 7 years old.
His refusal to pay agreed tribute provoked a war with Bulgaria. Along its southeastern borders, the empire was attacked by the Abbasids.

Around 870: Born as son of Emperor Basil 1 and Eudocia Ingerina.
879: Basil's son and appointed heir, Constantine, dies. In his place, Alexander is appointed one of two co-emperors, together with his half-brother, Leo.
886 August 29: Leo becomes new emperor after Basil 1 dies from an hunting accident. Alexander remains co-emperor, but without influence on politics.
912 May 11: Emperor Leo 6 dies, and Alexander succeeds him as emperor, but with Leo's 7-year old son, Constantine as co-emperor.
— Dismisses most of Leo's advisors and higher administrators.
— Appoints Nicholas Mysticus as new Patriarch.
— Provokes a war with the Bulgarians, following his refusal to pay tribute.
913 June 6: Dies while playing polo. He is succeeded by his co-emperor and nephew, Constantine 7.

By Tore Kjeilen