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Persia / Qajar Dynasty /
Persian: ahmad qājār

(1898-1930) Persian shah, 7th and last ruler of the Qajar Dynasty 1909-1925 (1923), altogether 16 (14) years.
He was formally shah until 1925, but forced into exile in 1923, from when he exercised no actual or formal role.
Inheriting a highly difficult constitutional situation, he proved unable to exercise effective power. He accepted the limitations on his power, but external and internal power interests would eventually severe him of his position. He was at one point offered aid from the Ottoman sultan to restore his position, declining this.

1898 January 21: Born as son of crown prince Mohammad Ali, grandson of Persian ruler, Mozaffar ad-Din.
1909 July 16: His father, then the ruling shah, flees Persia, and Ahmad becomes new shah.
1914-1918: With the World War 1, Iran is occupied by Russia, Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire.
1917: Allows Great Britain the use of Persian territory to send troops into Russia, trying to reverse the Russian Revolution.
1921 February 21: With the support of the British, Reza Khan leads his 1,200 troops to overthrow the government, forcing Ahmad Shah to appoint Sayyid Zia Uddin Tabataba'i prime minister; Reza Khan becoming war minister.
1923: Is forced into exile, bringing with him his family.
1925 October 31: Reza Khan makes the Majlis (parliament) depose Ahmad from his throne, appointing himself regent. From this emerges the Pahlavi Dynasty.
1930 February 21: Dies outside Paris, France.

By Tore Kjeilen