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Persia / Qajar Dynasty /
Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar
Persian: mohammad khān qājār

(1742-1797) Persian shah, founder and 1st ruler of the Qajar Dynasty 1794-1797, altogether 3 years.
As Persian ruler he undertook several military expeditions into regions like Georgia, Caucasus and Khorasan. He was a gruesome leader, destroying cities and massacred entire populations, like he did with the inhabitants of Tbilisi in Georgia.
His early stronghold was Sari, but it was by his decision that the then village of Teheran became new capital of Persia.

1742: Born near Gorgan.
1748: Is castrated by fear of him becoming a future political rival.
1757: Becomes the effective ruler of the Azerbaijan province.
1758: Succeeds his fater as chief of the Qavanlu clan of the Qajars.
1762: Is captured and sent as a hostage to the court of the Zand ruler, Karim Khan.
1779: Upon Karim's death, Mohammad escapes and takes back the position as the chief of the Qajar tribe, then starts using the power vacuum to establish his own territories.
1794: Mohammad Khan defeats the last Zand ruler, Lotf Ali, at Kerman. This gives him control over a largely united Persia, formally even including Georgia and the Caucasus.
1796: Sends a successful expedition into Georgia, securing Persian control using great brutality.
— Mohammad Khan has himself crowned shah.
— Takes control over Khorasan, seeing its shah tortured to death.
1797 June 17: Is assassinated in Shusha by two of his servants. He is succeeded by his nephew, Fath Ali.

By Tore Kjeilen