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811-783 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /
Assyria / Neo period / Kings /
Adad-nirari 3
Other spelling: Adad-narari

Stela of Adad-nirari 3. Iraq National Museum, Baghdad, Iraq
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(Dead 783 BCE) Ruler of Assyria 811-783 BCE, 28 years, although the first 3 years effective power was exercised by his mother, Shammuramat.
His reign was one in which the empire was far from unified, and high officers, the governors and the local rulers most unruly. Adad-nirari 3 led many campaigns to strengthen central power throughout his entire reign. He succeeded in defeating the Aramaean Kingdom of Damascus, and permitted the recovery of the kingdom of Israel. But the empire he left his son, would prove hard to handle.
Despite the troubles of his reign, he oversaw large building projects, like the construction of the temple of Nabu at Nineveh.

811: King Shamshi-Adad 5 dies, and Adad-nirari 3 becomes new king. Because of young age, his mother, Shammuramat becomes active ruler.
808: About this time, it seems that Shammuramat either steps down in favour of her son, or is removed from position, and Adad-nirari 3 begins exercising full authority as king.
796: Lays a siege on Damascus, succeeding on defeating the Aramaean Kingdom.
783: Dies, is succeeded by his son, Shalmaneser 4.

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