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912-891 BCE

Mesopotamia / Kings /
Assyria / Neo period / Kings /
Adad-nirari 2

(Dead 891 BCE) Ruler of Assyria 912-891 BCE, 21 years.
He has been defined to the first king of the Neo-Assyrian period, although his reign represents no dynastic shifts, him succeeding his father, Ashur-dan 2, as king peacefully.
There was little territorial gain during his reign, only a few smaller towns in the border region south to Babylonia were won. He is known for imposing strict reforms to the Assyrian society, bringing vassal states directly in under royal control. He deported large populations of northern peoples to eradicate potential rebellions, both by splitting these groups up or locating them to isolated regions.
He was peacefully succeeded by his son, Tukulti-Ninurta 2.

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By Tore Kjeilen