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The beautiful oasis

Timimoun, Algeria

Timimoun, Algeria

Timimoun, Algeria

Timimoun is a great place to visit, and a beautiful oasis. Many would have it to be the best town to visit in a visit to the Grand Erg Occidental. Timimoun is a small place, with houses built of red mud,- called Sudanese architecture. The houses are built so that one house rests on the other, like they were crawling over each other trying to get to get as high as possible. Between the houses run narrow streets, most of them covered, in an effort of trying to escape the hardest summer climate. The palmeraie is a place to wander for a couple of hours,- with the shade of the palm trees, it is far cooler here than out in town centre. Properties here are marked by man high mud walls.
The setting in between the palms and the salt lake, with distant sand dunes, makes Timimoun a place to bring a good camera. Even the new town, started being built by the French, is very nice, trying to follow up the traditional architecture.
Timimoun has very friendly people, and the inhabitants can claim very different backgrounds, Haratine, Zénète Berbers, Cha'amba Arabs, as well as Black Africans.

Eat and Sleep
OK on hotels, but it is a bit expensive. Apart from the better hotels, there is only one restaurant.

Air flights to Algiers, Béchar, and Ghardaïa. Good bus and taxi connections. It is reported that hitch hiking fairly easy.

By Tore Kjeilen