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The tourist resort of the future

Tigzirt is a nice little town, at the sea, with a cliff landscape right behind, and a beach for people coming for holidays. Still there are few tourists here, but the town is projected for serious development. The good thing about that might be that the stones that reduce the quality of the beach are removed. The atmosphere is still relaxed and sleepy. There is one good sight here, the Christian basilica in the middle of the town. Dating back to the 5th or the 6th century, it is now in ruins. Tigzirt dates back to Roman times, when it was an important harbour, but there are no ruins left.

Eat and Sleep
A couple of hotels, but nothing as yet for those going for luxury. Eating is done in one of the hotels, or in popular restaurants.

Most connections are for Tizi Ouzou, and with bus. As roads to other seaside towns are limited by the rugged landscape, few connections will bring you east or west along the coast.

By Tore Kjeilen