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Crumbling mud houses

Somewhat like Temacine, Tamelhat is a village of houses constructed from mud bricks. It has not much life coming with it these days, and quite a number of houses right in the middle of the village has fallen down, while there are others showing off great decorations. The streets run in between high walls, in behind the doors there are courtyards, that are mostly well kept.
The mosque of Sidi El Hajj Ali, which lies next to the mausoleum, is the best sight of Tamelhat. Both were constructed in 1284, and the dome of the mausoleum has glazed tiles, while the rest is decorated by coloured stucco.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels and restaurants, but you're not far away from Touggourt.

OK bus connections for getting back north to Touggourt. You can also get a bus for Temacine. These are not very frequent, though.

By Tore Kjeilen