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Marsa Ben Mehidi

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Mirrored resort

Perhaps you could try swimming underwater from Saidia in Morocco. There are no guards in the water, between these two twin cities, only 300 metres apart. Marsa Ben Mehidi has the nicer setting of the two cities, you arrive here through a cleft in the mountain, where the parallel road in Morocco is only 15 metres away. Marsa Ben Mehidi is a small town, where nothing happens outside the summer season when Algerians from the inland fill up the 2 km of beach.
Swimming is great, with the dramatic and very beautiful mountains all along the fringe of the town. Knowing that if you swim a little too far to the west, will have you shot, might thrill some people.

Eat and Sleep
A couple of basic hotels and simple restaurants.

Buses and taxis will bring you to the city of Maghnia, 60 west of Tlemcen.

Going Next
110 km southeast: Tlemcen

By Tore Kjeilen