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Gorges almost lost

Kherrata Gorge, north of Setif, is now off the beaten track. What is making the Kherrata worth the trip, is cut off by a modern tunnel. Entering the Kherrata has always been connected with a risk, as rocks fall off the mountain all of the time. There is the old road leading past all the parts of Kherrata you would like to see, roads that are a bit dangerous, but not more dangerous now than before, really.
If you have the time to make the effort, you can visit the village of Kherrata, at an elevation of 2,000 metres, which has one of the most rewarding settings in Algeria,- it will surely give a feeling of seeing something most other people never get to see, and is located under a dramatic mountain. Excursions up into the mountain peeks and villages around Kherrata is easily, and best, done with a local guide.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of hotels and restaurants in Kherrata, a tent and sleeping bags make a good solution around here.

Buses will bring you to the Kherrata region, the rest must be done at foot.

Going Next
40 km south: Setif

By Tore Kjeilen