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Traditional village

Kerzaz, Algeria

Kerzaz, Algeria

Kerzaz is the first village you'll pass no matter what direction you travel hear near the Grand Erg Occidental. Kerzaz is a small place, but it comes with much charm and authenticity. The true Saharan architecture is still dominating,- covered alleyways, curving in between the dwellings, in a successful attempt to avoid Saharan summer heat. Kerzaz is mentioned as being one of the best places to discover systems used for "automatically" lifting water up from the ground and the wells.

Eat and Sleep
Nothing of either hotels or restaurants.

Getting form Kerzaz by public transportation, it be bus or taxi, is difficult. All vehicles pass through Kerzaz (2 km out form the village) en route from Beni Abbs, Adrar or Timimoun, and they are often full.

Going Next
120 km north: Beni Abbs

By Tore Kjeilen