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Home of Augustine

Imagine finding the mosaic floor in the Great Christian Basilica that St. Augustine himself walked on,- in first class condition! Augustine, so very important for the development of early Christian theology, worked here as a bishop from 396 until his death in 430. The Great Baths is another part of old Hippo Regius that is well preserved, and if you're intrigued by Augustine, well, he probably was here a couple of times as well.
The Forum is also a part of the visit to Hippo Regius, and is easy to find, as dominating as it is. Note that the Forum is only to be reached within short opening hours. Your visit will probably be ended by a visit to the museum, where you can see all those items too small to be standing out under open sky, including very impressive mosaics.

Eat and Sleep
As for Annaba: Not too good on restaurants, you will have to go for fast food. Lodging is good in all price classes.

Walk out from centre of Annaba, it is just 1,500 metres. Or take a taxi.

By Tore Kjeilen