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One day through wilderness

Gourara, Algeria

Gourara, Algeria

When setting out on the one day trip of Gourara from Timimoun, you will most likely not see any other tourists the entire day. This is a journey around a dried up lake, will keep you seriously in touch with the Grand Erg Occidental to the north of Timimoun. Her you will see true examples on the Western image of Sahara with oases. Going through an astounding desert landscape, you will come to a handful of picturesque oases, none with more than a couple of thousand inhabitants, places little touched by modernisation, but where a closer look will reveal many solutions very inventive,- how to distribute water, how to escape summer heat and so on. the landscape on this trip is incredible, and it is not a demanding one, unless you choose midsummer for travelling.
The first village to the northeast of Timimoun is Massine, that is producing pottery. Later, after visiting El Kaf Gabsa and climbing an hill, you will come to Badriane, an earlier assembly point for Muslims setting out on hajj. The village of Izgzer exhibits caves that are still used by the locals when summer heat becomes unbearable. You will pass the villages of Tindjillet and Semouta. One of the last villages is Ouled Said, that is the best place to watch water distribution in practice. Remember that the remaining road offers excellent chances of yourself digging after sand roses.

By Tore Kjeilen